2D Vs 3D Massage Chairs: What’s The Difference?

2D vs 3D massage chairs may not seem like a big deal at first but there are actually some big differences between the two.

First let’s talk about how they work. 

2D massage chairs have a horizontal backrest that reclines and a smaller footrest that extends out.

The rollers in the backrest move up and down in a linear fashion providing a relatively basic massage. 

3D massage chairs on the other hand have a curved backrest that can recline further than 2D chairs.

They also have a larger footrest that can extend further out and includes an Airbag Massage System.

This system has airbags located in strategic areas around the chair (e.g. the back seat and footrest) that inflate and deflate to provide a more comprehensive massage.

3D massage chairs are also able to move up and down left and right and even in a circular motion providing a more varied and customizable massage experience.

So what’s the difference?

3D massage chairs offer a more comprehensive massage experience with airbags that inflate and deflate to provide different levels of pressure.

If you’re looking for an intense massage then a 3D chair is the way to go.

2D chairs are best for those who want a basic massage without all the bells and whistles.

Which Massage Chair Is Better?

That’s ultimately up to you. If you want a more comprehensive massage with airbags then go for a 3D chair.

If you’re looking for a basic massage without all the extras then a 2D chair is probably right for you.